Dances Of Universal Peace
  Coming Home
  As I slowly got an inkling of what Sufi Inayat Khan calls the “Inner Life”, I felt probably what all those feel who have been redeemed, born again, or converted. Whether or not I had found THE Secret of Life, I for sure had found the secret of MY life.

Somewhere along the way I found the Dances and they became for me one vehicle to ride into the Inner life.…..and then eventually a platform from which to teach this discovery. The Dances call us home to the body, the senses and the breath. Coming to our senses and being present in the body may be impossible for most of us to sustain, but it can remain as a background aspiration. For myself, I only have glimpses……moments. But it is here that I have learned about completion and satisfactoriness, peace and ecstasy. It is here where I’ve reconnected with this aliveness that I am, and where I’ve come to directly experience Life….this complex system that both sustains us and of which we are.

When we can relax into this ‘belonging’, we intuitively know and understand life’s rules…….how we must and want to behave. When we connect with our largest context, we begin to cooperate and know to water the root.

We receive the air that we breathe, the water we drink and the food that we eat. This is what we depend on, and that which we are. Everything matters. Everything is us. The more we are in touch with ourselves the more we will understand the natural morality that we are born into. The more ecstasy and peace we feel the more we will know what to do and how to do it in a good way. The Dances are not an end; they are a method that helps us discover the Inner Life. And once we know ourselves as Life itself, we spontaneously begin to cooperate and co-create with Life, uniting in perfect being.

  The Relationship Between Buddhism and the Dances of Universal Peace (click here to listen)

You are invited to listen in on a dialogue with Sheikha Darvesha Victoria MacDonald (head of the Guidance Council, senior mentor in the Dances of Universal Peace, Ziraat farmer and Vipassana teacher) and Shivadam Adam Burke (musician, Dance leader and DUPNA board member from Arizona) as they discuss the relationship between Buddhism and the Dances of Universal Peace. Many thanks to Hamid and Hakima for recording the call, and to Anjahli for this written transcript.










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